Remember when you were young, and realised how different the same thing looked just by covering one eye, and then the other? This is photography for me. I create unique visuals by favouring the uncommon view and looking for the inconspicuous excitement in our everyday environment.

I’m John Trif, a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been looking at the world through a camera lens for the last two decades, starting out in the advertising industry specialising in print production and managing large scale campaign shoots. However in the last 10 years, I wanted to look at the world through my own camera lens, and haven’t stopped shooting since.

For me, my photography doesn’t end after the button is pushed. My extensive appreciation for the craft means I am meticulous about the final product. I always shoot with the intent of printing my images, to produce a tangible and personal experience for the viewer, even if that viewer is just me.

For any print or photography queries please contact me at